Thermal Auricular Therapy (Hopi Ear Candles)

45mins - £33 (application of ear candles only)

1hr - £43 (includes facial pressure point massage)

This treatment is considered a cleansing programme for the whole body and not just the ears

Thermal Auricular Therapy or Ear Candling has been used for many years in the treatment of common ear, nose and throat conditions. Hopi ear candling, as it is also known, originates from the Hopi Indians of North America. However, it has many more practical applications in today’s world, from balance problems, excessive ear wax, ringing in the ear, migraines, headaches, sinusitis and ear, nose and throat infections. A soothing facial massage is performed after the application of the ear candles, draining the sinuses, reinforcing lymph action and blood flow which enhances the actions of the ear candles. Pressure points on the face and scalp are stimulated in order to release blockages in the flow of vital energy. Tension can build in our facial muscles from our everyday lives but this treatment also provides de-stressing benefits. It also helps to stimulate the lymphatic system, detox and relax, bringing harmony and balance.

How does it work?

When the candle is lit the flame will gradually work its way down the candle melting the herbs, wax and honey that are impregnated in the cotton/linen, these will vaporise and are drawn down inside the hollow of the candle. As the candle is burning the client will hear a sizzling noise, this noise is the vaporising of the ingredients. As the candle burns, a smoke is released from the base of the candle, this will also cause a warm air, a vibration will be created giving a massaging effect on the eardrum and ossicle bones. The action mimics sound/pressure waves, which are transmitted down the ear canal to the eardrum. No vacuum is created! As the temperature of the ear canal increases warmth is transmitted to other structures, there is a slight increase in pressure and circulation clearing sinus cavities and congestion, earwax will be warmed and loosened.  Ear candling is suitable as a one off treatment for relaxation , however a short course is often recommended when treating more specific problems to gain optimum results.

Physical benefits?

Blood flow to the head and neck will be increased, maximising the distribution of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues that will encourage healing

Stimulates and improves the cleansing circulation of the lymph glands

Ear candles will help with the following conditions:
Compacted / excessive ear wax
Sore throats
Sinus congestion
Colds and flu
Headaches / migraines
Allergy symptoms
Balance (vertigo)
Pain or pressure when flying
Lymphatic congestion
Glue ear
Prevention of ear infections
A benefit is shown in those clients who are regular swimmer / divers and also those who travel regularly especially when flying and on the underground
Meniere’s disease (inner ear) - may be treated with GP’s permission
Scuba diving or other discomfort from change in elevation relieve the pressure in the Eustachian tubes

Psychological benefits?

Creates a balanced feeling
Clarity of thought
Calming in cases of excessive stress
Aids concentration – i.e. before exams