Indian Head Massage 45mins - £45

A gentle but stimulating stress release therapy

During an Indian head massage treatment, the thin layer of muscle covering the skull becomes relaxed and thus improves blood flow to the brain and scalp. This is extremely effective in relieving stress, inducing relaxation and enabling clearer thinking. This treatment includes a neck and shoulder massage, followed by a reviving scalp massage to improve circulation and to relax you, finishing with a soothing face massage using pressure points and drainage techniques to help ease headaches and sinus problems. This treatment also contributes to balancing the chakras, the energy centres throughout the body, treating the areas related to the three upper chakras. Clients often achieve an overall sense of well-being and report improvements in conditions such as headaches, sinusitis and throat problems.

What are the benefits?

Relief from stress and muscular tension
An increased feeling of awareness
Improved sleep pattern
Feeling in alertness and being clearer in mental thought
Increased energy levels
Elevation of mood - It triggers the release in the brain of chemicals called endorphins, which create a feeling of contentment and happiness.
Pain relief
Reduction in stress levels
Improvement in circulation
Improves posture
Helps reduce blood pressure
Relieves tired eyes and eyestrain as well as brightening eyes
It promotes total relaxation, as the massage helps to give a feeling of wellbeing and calm
The increased blood circulation to the brain means that more oxygen is delivered; this will help mental fatigue and improve concentration
The increased lymphatic flow helps to get rid of toxins and other waste products, so aiding detoxification of the body
The increased blood circulation to the head, neck and shoulders brings oxygen and nutrients, thus helping to improve the condition of the skin and to stimulate hair growth.
The increased blood circulation will help to relieve stiffness in the neck and shoulders as oxygen and nutrients are bought to the area and waste products that have built up in the affected muscles are taken away.
It breaks down fibrostic nodules, commonly known as ‘knots’, which develop from tension within the muscles
Indian Head Massage